Working with local business networks, community groups, and anchor institutions, Mutual Credit Services and Informal Systems are launching Local Loop Merseyside
– offering financial network effects that will bring new powers to the Merseyside economy.

The power of the network graph...

Under business-as-usual, we know about our customers and suppliers, and maybe a little about our supply chain here and there.

But when we share a bit of trading information, the network graph of the local economy is revealed.

And with sophisticated Collaborative Finance tools we can do things which seem almost magical – systematically eliminate debt, optimise the use of available cash, give business clusters ways to make their trade credit go further, plug gaps in the circular economy, incubate start-up ecosystems, and insulate the local economy as a whole from credit crunches. And that's just for starters.

Together, we can turbocharge the Merseyside economy.

Improve cashflow

'Loop clearing' eliminates B2B debt on a 28-day cycle. Lower cashflow volatility, lower working capital requirements, lower leverage on the balance sheet.

Reduce late payment

Eliminating the smallest common amount in a loop turns a potential payment gridock into an easily-resolvable chain, so everyone is more likely to get paid on time.

Clear intention to pay

Customers commit to settling their bills in full when submitting them to the system, giving advance notice of a clear intention to pay any residual post-clearing debts.

Find new local trading partners

Use the network graph and searchable member profiles to find new local trading partners. If they're also 'in the loop', then there's a chance even more of your trade will be cleared without cash.

Tom Woodroof

Tom Woodroof

Co-founder, Mutual Credit Services

Tom moved here in 2014 to do his Ph.D in applied nuclear physics at the University of Liverpool, and has stayed ever since. Since co-founding Mutual Credit Services he spends more time in the business district than on campus, but he has close links to several University departments and can still be found playing tennis with the Mersey Bowmen at the weekends.

Dil Green

Dil Green

Co-founder, Mutual Credit Services

After a career as an architect and builder, Dil is now focused on the urgent need for social renovation, and convinced that digital tools designed to follow social needs offer a powerful support for development. Dil is a serial founder, most recently of Mutual Credit Services, and lives in London.

Tomaž Fleischman

Tomaž Fleischman

Researcher, Informal Systems

Tomaž is a Researcher at Informal Systems. He believes Collaborative Finance will help us reach our sustainability goals. He enjoys walking, reading, gardening, and skiing.

Mark Yamashita

Mark Yamashita

Product Lead, Informal Systems

Mark is a Product Lead at Informal Systems focusing on Collaborative Finance. He believes in delivering great experiences that change the world of finance for the better. Outside of work you’ll find Mark running (either for sport or chasing after his two small children).

Meet some of the team - needless to say, there are many others working hard behind the scenes to make Local Loop Merseyside a success.

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